The world of Lupaen is on the brink of darkness…

It has been over 150 years since the end of the Rose & Hammer War. The war changed everything about the world. Lands were scarred and left fallow. Entire towns destroyed while new ones sprung up like wildflowers.

The elves, led by High Princess Ethiriel Síllira retreated from the forests and glens, centralizing into the elven capital Carâbhon, having suffered many losses during the war and seeking to rebuild their population. The dwarves, having profited from their smiths, established a stronghold in the mountains under the rulership of King Thrain and sell their goods and ore through intermediaries, spending their days in the dark digging and smithing.

Humans and their kin (half-elves and half-orcs) flourish in the aftermath. The so-called monster races, having been decimated in the war, have scattered to the mountains and swamps, hills and plains, facing extinction and hunger.

For 150 years, everyone has lived unconcerned with each other's doings. Focusing on rebuilding their lives, they have turned a blind eye to the comings and goings of those not directly in their lives. Some say this was how the shadow crept back into the world. Other say it had never left, that it simply hid in plain view, in the cracks of castle walls and rustles of windblown leaves. How it returned was not important however. How it could be defeated was the question that caused much debate.

With the stagnation of isolation between the races came a paranoia among the arcanists and clerics of the world. Wizards and sorcerers holed themselves up in towers, not taking on apprentices nor sharing their knowledge with younger generations. In kind, the younger generations, raised on the tales of the horrible magics wielded in the war turned a wary eye upon magic. Distrust and fear grew into hate and violence. It is now rumored there are fewer than two handfuls of arcane casters in the world.

However, clerics of the Old Gods prospered where the magi fell. Having been the healers and counselors of the war resulted in many remembering the kindnesses. Troubles arose for the old gods in the last few decades with a new faith. The One was first found in the human cities like Eamontsport and Applevale. Not an old god of superstitions and fickle natures, the "True God" (as it's cleric call him/her) is an universal power said to birth the old gods before falling asleep and into legend. The Church of this new faith has risen quickly in power and prestige as the powers of the old gods wane with each new convert.

Into this world the heroes are born. They are chosen to stand against the darkness, to send it once more into exile and seal it away. The world cries for their help. But will they be able to defeat the enemy once and for all, or will they fall in battle like many before them?

Heart of the Raven

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