The One

The “One True God” is a relatively new idea in Lupaen. Soon after the war, followers began to appear that rejected all the old Gods in favor of an omniscent power that did not meddle in the affairs of mortals, but watched over them as they made their way through the world.

With the last war so fresh in everyone’s minds, belief in a power that does not ask to do pitched battle because of a deity’s whims gained quickly in the populace. Gods such as Moradin, Cyrrollalee, Mephistopheles and Asmodeus were the first to feel the loss of faith, being gods associated with the more ‘pronounced’ tenets. Today, temples and altars of these four are nearly impossible to find, with most lying in ruins or converted to the new faith.

The tenets of the faith are all-encompassing, refusing none to their worship or clergy. [In game terms, any alignment is welcome and clerics may choose any two domains (as long as they meet any other requirements)] Arcane magic is considered to be ‘evil’, and is frowned upon by the church’s leaders. Although many followers have begun inquisitions and persecuted arcane casters, the church hierarchy does not condone such acts and preaches that casters must be converted to the faith and not persecuted due to their beliefs.

Due to the popularity of the church, arcane magic is not publicly seen in most of the land. Although common items such as healing potions, defensive rings and amulets are still found in some shops, the peaceful nature of the faith means finding magical arms and armor is difficult since battle not in the defense of the community and arcane enchantments are both discouraged.

[Out of game: This may be a VERY touchy subject. The “One True God” is not representative of the Judeo-Christian god, but rather a faith created by the people in something bigger than themselves created in despair and rejection of the old gods. There are [i]many[/i] similarities, but that cannot be helped. Needless to say, please do not take offense at the use of a monotheistic faith, nor the story that surrounds it]

The One

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