In the year 927, an orc chieftain named Prodiak rose to prominence in the Silver Mountain tribes. Through his keen tactical mind and strength of arms, he pulled the warring tribes into a strong cohesive force.

Starting with major raids on dwarven settlements at the feet of the mountains, the war machine began its onslaught of the ‘good’ races for the land. Scattering the dwarven people across the land, Prodiak and his tribe began manufacturing and arming themselves with arms and armor of the finest dwarven metals. By the time forces of varied races came to rout the orcs and goblins from mountain, an ambush was laid for them and the 200 man force of humans, elves and dwarves was slaughtered to the last warrior.

When news of the massacre reached the leaders of the varied races, truces were established and a call to arms was mustered. Every able-bodied person was brought into the army of the Rose & Hammer (called due to the Elves and Dwarves fighting side by side).

Skirmishes and battles began immediately between the two sides, but the overall outcome of such battles was a draw. The deciding factor in the war was when the elves were able to establish an agreement with the metallic dragons. With the help of the dragons, they were finally able to push Prodiak’s army back to the mountains and over them into the Amber Fields, the planes on the eastern side of the Silver Mountains.

As Prodiak and his army came over the mountains, they found themselves confronted with a force of humans and dwarves acting as anvil to the elves and dragons’ hammer. The battle of Prodiak’s Folly, as it came to be known, lasted for over three days. Neither side giving an inch as the surrounding Rose & Hammer army wanting a dire vengeance for the death and destruction that Prodiak and his forces wrought; while Prodiak saw that his warriors and himself were not going to live the area with their lives.

Many fell and dark magics were used on both sides of the conflict, forever tainting the land beneath the fallen. At the end of the battle, as they surveyed their victory, there was much shame and regret on the part of the goodly races, seeing how they warped nature in their quest for vengeance. The dragons, for their part swore to leave the known world forever for their part, disgraced that they were brought to a level with their cousins. The remaining leaders of the elves, dwarves and humans saw to construction of four castles, one on each cardinal point of the former Amber Fields to patrol the horrors and aberrations that now existed there. Castle Royal to the north would be helmed by the elves. To the west, the dwarven Castle Storm would be their stronghold being only two days ride from Thrain’s Eastgate. The eastern Castle Righteous was a human fortification. Completing the circuit around Prodiak’s Folly would be Castle Treaty, a military outpost shared between all three races to ensure no single race would take control of the entirety. A patrol route was built around the tainted lands, connecting to all of the castles. Made of a continuous twenty-five foot tall barrow surround the Folly, it is watched by regular troops from each castle.


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